Product Sprint

I have decided on a specific field I would like to tap into. 
I have an idea I’d like to test already.

Who is it for?

Strategy, R & D, marketing or product management team leads and managers, managing directors or company leaders who'd like to develop a specific product, improve an existing one or want to validate a product idea. Workshops can be held in English and German.

What's happening?

This is a structured process invented to validate business ideas early and learn fast. Originally developed by Google Ventures, the Design Sprint is a compendium of business strategy, design thinking, agile development and user centered design structured in a 4-day intense hackathon. With this, you can accomplish results in four days that would usually take months.

What is the result?

  • A clearly defined challenge
  • A tested, human centric prototype
  • Real user insights to guide your next steps
  • Summary and recommendation


Why you should work with us?

Get a concrete and measurable outcome in lightspeed, validated and tested on real users. The combination of a realistic prototype and test results helps to convince your stakeholders, reduces risks and avoids developing unnecessary features.


Want to know more?

Franziska Luh

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