Idea Sprint

I would like to develop service and product ideas around our expertise, but don’t know which area to focus on.

Who is it for?

Strategy, R & D, marketing or product management team leads and managers, managing directors or company leaders who are looking for new product and service concepts. You would like to explore and develop a wide range of ideas from a customer's perspective. Workshops can be held in English or German.

What's happening?

We start with an indepth exploration of your target group's need states, pains, gains and lifestyles to generate insight nuggets. Then, using design thinking methods, explorative tools and games we create human centric solutions. Within about two weeks we prepare 1-2 rich workshop days. All concepts will be tested with visual mockups in a group of target group representatives.

What is the result?

  • 25 - 40 human centric ideas from various angles
  • 5-7 tested product and/or service concepts
  • Short summary and recommendation


Why you should work with us?

Get a tangible and measurable outcome in lightspeed, validated and tested on real users. The combination of mockups and test results helps to convince your stakeholders, reduces risks, avoids developing unnecessary features and maximizes your return on investment (ROI).


Want to know more?

Franziska Luh

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