New technologies arise fast. For most companies it takes months to agree on, develop and launch new products. As startup founders, we didn't had the luxury of a lengthy learning curve. We had to use methods to develop and evaluate as quick as possible. Ex- clients came to us for advice. So we started to create workshops and trainings based on our experiences.
That's how X-O came to be.

We believe that you and your employees have the creative minds to develop great innovations and solve business challenges. We believe that testing prototypes early on beats excessive planning, researching and benchmarking.

As an independent consultancy we are not selling production services or tools, so we are unbiased towards the final result (although we can help you find the best people for the job).

Franziska Luh

Franziska has more than 12 years of experience in helping companies understand the beliefs and behaviour of people and societies to create product -ideas and -strategies.

Her key competencies are in development leading innovation processes, developing product strategies, and growth concepts.

She has an extensive industry background including insurance & finance, automotive, travel, media, retail, pharma & medical, FMCG and non-profit.

Thorsten Borek

Thorsten started out in one of Germany's earliest startup launches as part of the founding team of hlx.com (Germany's first low cost carrier). He's lead digital companies and teams and worked on global brand development assignments.

His main expertise is in understanding complex business challenges and breaking them down to develop simple solutions, strategies and tools for teams, channels or topics.

His industry experience ranges from finance, tourism, athletics/ sports, white goods, tobacco, to FMCG such as cosmetics & food.

Susanne Harnisch

Susanne has always been fascinated by people and their stories.She started out as a filmmaker with projects ranging from serial documentaries to human focused company portraits.

Her love for stories, digital landscapes and structure has helped her to create tools and methods to successfully develop powerful story, training and service concepts. Today she's heading our Interaction Design Department.

She has an industry background in finance, FMCG, media, art and non-profit.

Tomasz Borek

Tomasz has worked for more than 12 years in the areas of lean process optimization, strategy implementation and change. His expertise lies in conveying complex messages and methods in a simple and fun way.

Tomasz has an extensive experience ranging from developing and implementing holistic process-related concepts to introducing teams to new ways of working and launching specific business approaches.

He’s been working successfully in various industries such as logistics, pharma, banking & finance, chemicals, automotive and steel manufacturing.

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